Sector: Banking

Deal Type: Acquisition

Deal Value: £undisclosed

Website: undisclosed

“The client was a large financial services entity and the opportunity was provided as the disposal of a non-core activity by a major UK high street bank.“

Jonathan Massing, Managing Partner
Kingswood Corporate Finance

Our Involvement

  • Approached the vendor and secured an exclusivity agreement
  • advised the purchaser on the form and structure of their offer
  • Conducted due diligence
  • Advised on debt funding


We approached the vendor and began by securing a lock out and exclusivity arrangement over the deal.

Kingswood then advised the buyer on the form and structure of their offer, as well as advising on the contents of the sale and purchase agreement.

Appropriate due diligence and other warranty discussions were made; we also advised the buyer on the form and type of debt facilities that would be required in order to complete the transactions.

Kingswood also coordinated the legal advice given to the Board during the course of the transaction and provided general advice and support as required by those involved throughout.