Sector: Engineering

Deal Type: Acquisition by us

Deal Value: £undisclosed


Our Involvement

  • Acquisition of Durham Filtration
  • Arranged additional funding in order to develop the business
  • On-going operational support and strategic advice to help grow the business


Durham Filtration was originally founded in the late 1970s to service demand for compressed air and air filtration products.

During the 1980’s North Sea oil industry boom, the company expanded its product range and geographic area, becoming a major operator in the single source filtration supply market within the offshore oil and gas industry.

Following that expansion the company experienced continued growth in food, beverage and pharmaceuticals, and in more recent times, has expanded its on-site services into the power generation market and air pollution control.

We are pleased to announce that Durham Filtration Engineers Ltd have been acquired by Kingswood Investment Partners. Exciting opportunities and plans are now underway to ensure the successful development of the DFEL business as an independent business. All staff at Durham Filtration Engineers Ltd wish to thank everyone at Economatics for their support over the years and wish everyone at Economatics all the success for the future.

Matt Clark
Director, Durham Filtration Engineers Ltd